Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System, Retex Kit Review

Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System, Retex Kit
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I read the descriptions of the product and said very clearly that inside the box I should find the relaxer, the neutralizer and the instruction booklet. Unfortunately the booklet was not inside the box. So I had to go on the internet to try to find the instructions to apply the product. It seems this is "recommended to use by a profesional"..oh., please. A beauty parlor charges you more than 500 dollars for this. This, believe me, you can do it your self. So in order for me to help all others who suffered the same as I, of not finding the instructions, here it goes:
To apply all steps you will need:
-Hair dryer (doesn't need to be Bio Ionic)
-Bio Ionic Conditioning straightener iron (Mus be Bio IOnic)
-Intensive Mosturizing Shampoo (if you buy the trio this product is inside)
-Intensive mosturizing reconstructor (if you buy the trio this product is inside)
- SHine sealer (if you buy the trio this product is inside)
-Hair coloring brush
-Plastic gloves
This are the steps:
1- Wash the hair with the Bio Ionic Shampoo, rinse and towel dry.
2- Divide the head in 5 or 6 sections, and cover your hands with gloves.
3- Put the gloves on and tart applying the #1 Product. No not apply to scalp, leave 1/2 inch. Work fast, and the maximum time depending on the type of hair is 30 minutes (fine hair less time). Then start massaging each section. Te product on this step smells bad, so it's normal. Use a fine comb to work the roots near the face. After time is out. Rinse very well. Do not shampoo, but make sure you rinse well.
4-Blow dry the hair with the hands and dryer, then start using the Iron and make sure you do it very well from the root to the ends.
5- After you have finish ironing the hair, then you will need to apply the #2 (neutralizer). This will neutralize the #1 product still in your hair and will take all the bad odor from the hair and will stop the alcaline process from the number 1 product.
6- Rinse well and shampoo 3 times with the Bio Ionic Shampoo. Rinse and then apply the mosturizing reconstructor. Massage and wear a plastic cap for like 30 minutes. Rinse well.
7- Towel Dry your hair. Apply shine sealer to wet hair. Then blow dry hair. If you prefer blow drying with a hair dryer or the Bio Ionic Iron.
This is a very time consuming process, but believe me it's worth it. No wonder why hair salons charges so much money. But you can do it at home.
It's recommended not to wear any rubber bands, bobby pins or anything that can leave a wave in you hair. . Avoid sweat, don't wet you hair during shower, and sleep with a satin pillowcase.All this measures just for 72 hours.
I wrote this steps because I did not like not receiving the intruction booklet. I think this is somewhat a way to make you go to a professional salon. Hair pro's are human and intellingent like me and you, If they cand do it so can we, so there you go, do it yourself and don't spend money in a beauty parlor. Good bye to you all!

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Bio Ionic Retex Hair Straightening System utilizes advanced ionic technology to straighten the hair with amazing results. This breakthrough formula restores and revitalizes the hair to a healthier condition, leaving the hair smooth and silky with incredibly shine. Designed to be used with Bio Ionic Straightening Irons.

Advanced Ionic Technology
Dramatic Results
For all hair types
No Sodium Hydroxide
No Offensive Odor
No Mixing


Leaves Hair Vibrant, Healthy-Looking
Softens and Strengthens Hair
Silkens and Smooths Hair
Gives Body and Bounce
Adds Glossy Shine
Can be used on Colored Hair*
Can be used on Permed Hair* *refer to Instruction Booklet

Get it super-straight, create a little wave, or just eliminate the frizz! You choose with the original, industry first thermal straightening system. The power of IonTransformation is fully realized with Bio Ionic?s ReTeX system that permanently retexturizes the hair. ReTex empowers the stylist to control the level of texture ?leaving as little or as much wave in the hair as desired. ReTex permanently transforms the hair from curly, frizzy, and unruly in to looking super-shiny and sleek, feeling smooth, hydrated and conditioned. ReTex is truly a revolutionary tool to permanently improve the manageability of hair.

Box Contents:

One Retexturizing Cream #1 - 12 oz
One Neutralizing Cream #2 - 12 oz
Instruction Booklets

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