Remington D-2012 Tstudio Collection Tourmaline and Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

Remington D-2012 Tstudio Collection Tourmaline and Ceramic Hair Dryer
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A dryer that meets all your styling needs. It's not often that you can find one that is suited for both curly and straight styles. The air diffusing attachment is perfect for creating soft, frizz free curls while the concentrator nozzle (more narrow and therefore a better conductor of air than most models with this feature) allows you to direct air exactly where you want it. The dryer itself features two speed (low and high) and three heat settings (cool, warm and hot), as well as a cold shot button to lock in style. For the highest heat setting, simply put the dryer on high speed and the hottest setting (careful, though...this is only recommended for hair that's UBER curly, like mine). Additionally, the 9 foot long cord (complete with a loop that will allow you to hook it onto something in your bathroom or wherever else you store it) makes it really easy to use. Another bonus: even on the highest setting, the dryer is considerably more quiet than other ones on the market that are similarly priced (you can easily hold a conversation while speaking in a normal tone of voice).
According to the information that's included with the product, the dryer is made with a combination pink tourmaline/ceramic technology that allows for a special emission of ions (these are important for eliminating static electricity). I found that after use, my hair actually was a lot smoother even than when I used previous hair dryers with ionic technology; I used it to style my hair both in its naturally curly state and after setting it in rollers to blow dry it straight. If your hair is really curly like mine, however, you might still want to use a flatiron to get that pin-straight look. But for less curly hair or hair that's less prone to frizz, that probably won't be necessary.
Although this is by far my favorite hair dryer I've ever owned, I do agree with the previous comment on this product: it really would be the perfect dryer if it had a folding handle. But this is only a tiny flaw, as it more than makes up for that missing feature with its humidity resisting technology. Well done, Remington. An invaluable product for any styling arsenal.

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The Remington TStudio COLLECTION is a new line of salon quality styling tools featuring the latest technologies: tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic. These technologies help seal the hair cuticle to repel humidity and static which results in an incredible lasting frizz-free shine. The dryer is lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable handling from all angles around the head. A salon quality AC motor is within the dryer and this motor helps contribute to a faster drying time in comparison to other leading dryers with DC motors. It has 6 different power setting combinations (3 heats and 2 speeds) and includes both a concentrator and diffuser making it great for any hair type or styling need.

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