Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil 8 oz. Review

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil 8 oz.
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I bought this oil at target because I couldn't find any jojoba oil for my hair. Little did I know it would solve one of my skin problems.
I put a little bit (palm smear amount) on my typically dry, course hair after I wash it. Keeps it smooth and non-frizzy without adding too much oil.
But the real treat is for my shoulders and back where I have keratosis pilaris. I've noticed the little clogged hair folicle bumps have slowly begin vanishing and the little dark spots are less noticable. This stuff seems to "calm" my skin down. The oil absorbs into my skin beautifully so I don't have to worry about struggling with my hands behind my back for an even application. Its been a couple of weeks since using this stuff for that purpose and my skin is getting to be so smooth!!!
I'm also using it on my hands and knees, feet and elbows an everyday basis instead of lotion. It's cheaper and absorbs very quickly.
Besides all this, the sweet herbal scent is very comforting. It fades significantly after initial application and does not interfere with my other perfumes.

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Africa's best ultimate herbal oil can be used as a hot oil treatment, bath oil, body oil, cuticle oil, massage oil, hair and scalp oil.

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