Bonne Bell Smackers Bath and Body Skittles Collection Review

Bonne Bell Smackers Bath and Body Skittles Collection
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~This set actually comes with one extra Skittles chapstick that is not pictured.~
The bubble bath, lotion, 2 in 1 shampoo and bath puff (as they call it) are all packaged inside a round plastic zip up case with a single yellow chapstick included. Then there are two small packages of 3 chapsticks in all kinds of flavors included with your order. One set of chapsticks is in original Skittles flavors, the other is in tropical flavors. So in total you will have 7 chapsticks in all different flavors.
The lotion: Not an overly stong smell. Has more of a candy smell to it then a fruity smell. Has a typical lotion thickness, not a thick body butter texture. Doesn't leave a greasy feel.
Bath Puff: Small version of a luffa sponge. Good kid size or maybe travel size. Has a silver loop to hang it on something.
Bubble Bath: Has a very strong lime smell to it, my guess is so you can smell it even in the bath tub. Haven't used it in the tub with the kids yet, so I can't tell how well it will bubble, but everything else in the set has been of good quality, so I'm sure it will be fine.
2 in 1 Shampoo: Kids like the candy/orange smell. Works fine.
Skittles Chapsticks: Great smell and work great. Soft, not hard at all.
All in all this is a really unique gift idea. I'm going to buy another one or two of these to keep at the house to use as an emergency gift. It will definitely work for both boys or girls. Both my 8 year old son and 8 year old daughter (twins) were begging for it to be theirs when they saw it come in the mail. It will also work for a large variety of ages and not everyone has one. The packaging really does a good job of making it a fun gift. I even considered getting one for myself, but the items definitely have more of candy smell then a fruity smell, so I'll just claim one of the chapsicks for myself and let them enjoy the rest.

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A moisturizing bath and body collection in yummy Skittles candy scents from Smackers. Pamper yourself with a selection of Smackers bath and body products including lime bubble bath, strawberry. Moisturizing lotion, orange 2 - in - 1 shampoo, a bath puff and Lip Smacker. Skittles candy scents make bath time fun while gently cleansing and moisturizing.

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