Clairol Natural Instincts Color (Pack of 3) Review

Clairol Natural Instincts Color (Pack of 3)
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Level one rinses only last a week or two before your original color pokes through again. Level 3 is a permanent rinse - so when your hair grows, the different color in your roots has a stark contrast. I love the Natural Instincts level 2 rinses. The color lasting power varies depening on the color of your natural hair and the color you select. I leave color on for over the maximum 20 minutes or it just won't take - but the color is truly natural in appearance and doesn't look like some freakish tone - even when it fades after about 30 shampoos. It starts to gently fade at about the time different colored roots start showing, so you don't get a stark difference - it just looks like your hair is changing colors on its own - slowly and gracefully - giving you a day or even a week to put off before coloring your hair again.

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Natural Instincts is an antioxidant-rich and ammonia-free hair color that colors hair faster, better and with shinier results. You'll get a year's worth of healthy-looking hair color and shine in just 10 minutes a month.**use every month, per package directions

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