Cleansing Souffle' Whipped Facial Cleanser with Tins-etone Review

Cleansing Souffle' Whipped Facial Cleanser with Tins-etone
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I want so much for this product to work because it's black owned and I normally don't pay this much for products. I have been on the product for about a month. When I first started using it, it seemed to be a difference in my skin that no one else noticed, but it was looking better to me. But now it seems as if my skin is breaking out with all these small pimples. I hope they go away soon as well as my blemishes. I just don't know how I feel about the product yet.

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Cleansing Soufflé is an effective, yet gentle anti-inflammatory facial cleanser. It controls blemishes, acne, irritations and inflammatory conditions as it removes excess oil, makeup, the residue of other products and micro-debri from enviornmental exposure. It should be used twice a day for oily, combination or acne prone skin, once a day at night time for blemished, normal to dry adult skin, twice a week for sensitive skin that is either dry or oily and increased as tolerance develops. For a 6 minute facial leave in place during shower/steam. It's remarkable anti-inflammatory properties combined with penetrating nutrients revive, replenish and calm the skin while thoroughly cleansing it. It is an ideal night time regimen for Blacks, ethnic and adult skin types sensitive to inflammation and irritation. It has been used safely in conditions such as Acne, Keloids, Eczema, Lupus and Psoriasis. This single product removes makeup, calms and nourishes the skin in a single application. If used as directed for night time application a single jar lasts approximately 6 months. Antiaging benefits require 64 ounces of water intake daily and regular colon eliminations. The doctor's web contact information is on every jar.

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