Dabur Vatika Hair Oil 300 ml oil Review

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil 300 ml oil
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Vatika oil is a great oil. I love it on my hair. HOWEVER...the bottle shown on this page is NOT the bottle I received in the mail. What I was received was the new re-formulated Vatika oil in the new sleek curvy container. As such, the ingredients are different from the original formula. Though I loved the old formula, I have no idea how this new formula will hold up. The vendor needs to update the photo so people are aware of what they are purchasing. Some ppl might not want the new formula. Two stars for false advertisement.

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Dabur Vatika Hair Oil provides natural nourishment to your hair. Giving it body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. Dabur Vatika Hair Oil is a premium coconut hair oil enriched with Henna, Amla, Lemon & five other trusted herbs. It is a unique natural formulation ensured deeper oil penetration to give your hair & scalp complete nourishment for problem free, healthy hair.

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