Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment by LUSH Review

Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment by LUSH
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Lush's Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze is indispensible! I use their Caca Rouge henna on my hair about every 4 weeks, then use this treatment in between henna applications to maintain my reddish color and boost my shine. I use about 1/4 tub per application on dry hair, put a cap on my head, and sleep in it overnight, then wash it out in the morning. Alternately, I sometimes use a small amount as a leave-in conditioner, then blow-dry and style as usual.
I'm 44 years old with several grey hairs, and the combination of the two products has 1) kept my grey unnoticable, 2) provided a healthy, cost-effective solution to chemical hair dyes or salon services, 3) helped to keep my age a mystery (which is exactly how I want it).
As with other Lush products, this has an organic, earthy smell. If you are used to cheaper, chemical drugstore products, it might take getting used to. If you already prefer natural scents, you will like the jasmine overtones.

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If your hair is a little fluffy, frizzy, dry or out-of-control, this is the one for you. It's packed with copious amounts of moisturizing and nutrient-filled oils including organic jojoba, almond, brazil nut and extra virgin coconut oil. It works brilliantly on curly hair as well, as all the oils help define the curls and add loads of shine. The jasmine fragrance will stick with you for days after using it, so you'll have irresistibly soft, shiny and sexy smelling locks.

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