L\'Oréal Dream Blondes Hair Color - Light Ash Blonde 9A Review

L\'Orandeacute;al Dream Blondes Hair Color - Light Ash Blonde 9A
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I normally use this as a one step process and it turns out very well.
My natural color is a dark "dishwater blonde" with some gray. This time I had lightened my hair first to pale yellow shade and it had that bleached look without the softness of shading. Lady GAGA yellow...Too yellow. I used the lightest blonde shade first in this color and it did not help enough. Then I used this light ash and it looks just perfect. With just enough yellow but the softness of the ash but NO grey to it at all. Looks kind of like a child's natural blonde color, my color as a child. Very beautiful. However, having my roots bleached out first is going to make new roots show quickly. Therefore, next time I will use this but not bleach my hair out first. I'll just do touch ups to root area for about an hour then put on rest of hair for 5 minutes. That way my roots will continue to grow out just a wee bit darker than the ends so not as noticeable as my hair grows and I like it that way. One step to blonde! Bleaching out first is just too much trouble for me and too high maintenance. If your hair is not too dark , you might want to try it with just the one step, without bleaching first, to see if it works for you.
This hair color is the most beautiful and affective of all the blonde hair color I have ever used. It is a bargain as well. Most don't realize that you get the pre color protector, a nice size tube of both shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair in super condition. Really, my hair feels in better condition after I color.
My hair is fine but very long. One box is enough for me to do all over color. I still use one box for my roots alone though.
The price on Amazon , with shipping, is still less price than the stores.

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Breakthrough conditioning technology balanced with anti-brass actives nourishes hair for pure-looking color from root to tip.Creates the perfect, most delicate blonde, and beautiful layers of color and light.

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