Lanolin, Anhydrous Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade Review

Lanolin, Anhydrous Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade
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I discovered lanolin many years ago after surgery on my lip to remove a mole left my lips feeling tight and dry all the time. I had been using, in recent years, a brand advertised for nursing mothers but they "improved" their product to where it now seems very much thinner and less effective, doesn't stay on long at all. So I was looking for a brand that was maybe truer to the native product, maybe less ultra refined... I didn't know. I just needed something thick and "sticky" that would really adhere for a long time and do the job. Of course, over the years I began using lanolin as well for my hands and in general ANY scrape or wound or other skin problem that came up. I was very surprised to discover its pain killing qualities. I did not understand why pure lanolin would be a pain killer for a cut or wound (still don't) but it is absolutely essential for paper cuts, hangnails, sore cuticles, etc.
Anyway recently I searched the web and ordered 4 different brands of "pure" lanolin, that was all I could find, except for the brand I was abandoning. I wanted only anhydrous lanolin - no water added. So I have tested them all and must say Naturals New Zealand came out on top for the qualities I need. All do the job of moisturizing well. But I need something that will stay on awhile. Before my old brand changed their formula, I could apply it to my lips in the morning, then brush my teeth and eat and drink coffee, and it would still be there, not greasy but I could feel the softening of my lips (under my lipstick). I would only apply it maybe one other time later in the day. Same for my hands - plus it would seem to dry on my hands, to the point where they were not greasy. I could do normal stuff without greasing up everything I touched and even use water and some detergents to a certain extent, and my hands were at least some protected. I was also prone to those bleeding, painful cracks on my fingertips, before starting to use lanolin. Never had them since. But this New Zealand brand fills the bill on all counts for me, it stays on better (though not quite like the old brand), does an amazing softening/hydrating job anywhere I use it, and it has no odor that I can detect, either. It also helps my decision to use it, that it is pharmaceutical grade, since I am using it on my lips; however that isn't that critical to me since I don't eat it!
Delivery was swift. I am very satisfied with this product and relieved that I have found something I can depend on now that I am so dependent on the use of lanolin. I don't bother buying any other lotions or moisturizers at all, not for many years. Heaven knows how much money I've saved over the years. Lately I am also experimenting with a hint from another review, too, and that is rubbing just the slightest coating of lanolin through my hair for shine and conditioning purposes. So far I probably haven't used enough to make much of a difference, but it seems we all overwash and over-chemical our hair these days (ladies) so I am sure a touch of this natural hair conditioning element must be a good thing. It is simply leaving out the middlemen - all the unwanted chemicals we normally get with conditioners and other hair products. I personally use nothing but baby shampoo on my hair but I do use more hair spray than I really like because I need the hold power. The lanolin does seem to somewhat counteract the superglue effects of the spray, so far in my experiment. But I am running my hands through my hair after the lanolin has already dried on my hands. I am not globbing it on from the jar. The next step I suppose will be to apply just a tad more when my hair is wet after a shampoo. I know it won't take much.
I am a senior citizen and I do have wonderful skin, always have. I credit my father's genes for this more than anything. The ladies on his side of the family had incredible skin, as did he, up through their 80's - NO WRINKLES AT ALL! But you can't discount the benefits of using lanolin all these many decades, as I have, and especially for my hands. The skin on my hands is babysoft and smooth. And I have never been one to overprotect them with gloves as I probably should have. But without the lanolin I am sure they would be the hands of a 100 year old cotton picker by now. It is simply a product that can't be improved upon in my opinion, by adding chemicals, or watering it down. There is just nothing that is anything like it that you can buy at any price. And this brand is the best of the best.

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Fragrance-free pure lanolin from Australiapharmaceutical grade 57gr/2ozPure Lanolin is ideal for use as a protective barrier and rejuvenating balm for skin damaged by extremes of climate, detergents, gardening, etc. Ideal for protecting and nourishing split heels, tender skin and scar tissue. Lanolin for our products is harvested from happy sheep that graze in pesticide-free fields, purified to pharmaceutical-grade, and imported to the U.S. If you do comparison shopping, please make sure you compare products of similar purity because purification to pharmaceutical-grade is the most expensive step in the process.For large areas of the skin we recommend using one of Koru Naturals lanolin creams or oils instead of this product.Special offer: Buy three pots and receive a fourth pot free

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