Malibu Swimmers' Wellness Kit Review

Malibu Swimmers' Wellness Kit
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I have 5 girls who love to swim. 4 of the five girls have natural blonde hair. With that they all have turned to green haired little girls. It is funny for a little bit but when the hair starts to dry up and feel rough it is not so funny any more. The chemicals in the pool were seriously damaging our pretty girls' hair. I tried everything....Ultra swim..Paul Mitchell Chlorine free...Swim caps....cutting the hair off...I mean EVERYTHING!!! I was getting really upset that I could not get the green out and school was getting ready to start back up again. So I gave it one more shot and tried Malibu 2000. We used all three products the Quicken, the Shampoo, the Boost packets and the Conditioner. I saw a miracle happen right before my eyes. The green literally disappeared. Now we just make sure we wash with the shampoo after swimming. We have not had green hair for weeks. To make matters even better, our hair is soft and shinny too.
I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to be in a pool.

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Do you swim? Waterski? Use hot tubs? Bask in the pool? This treatment is specifically formulated for swimmers to be used in the salon, at home or at the pool after swimming to remove and prevent all the elements from pool, spa or ocean water that can otherwise damage and discolor hair. No more 'gummy' feeling or clumpy hair! Helps reduce itching and scalp irritation

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