No Gray Hair Color Additive 2 applications Review

No Gray Hair Color Additive 2 applications
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After finding this product through an internet search, I decided to try it despite my misgivings that at worst it might alter my Level 3 haircolor or at the very least not live up to its claim of providing complete gray coverage.
I needn't have worried. Not only did No Gray make my color deeper and richer (I use Dark Brown, Level 4) but that dreaded line of demarcation that would often occur where my gray roots had grown in was nowhere to be seen. I had brilliant, full coverage from roots to tips.
Using No Gray has become a permanent part of my hair coloring routine. This is a fine product that I can highly recommend. I can't imagine coloring my hair at home without it!

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Just add to your haircolorEnsures maximum gray coverageIntensifies and locks in colorPromotes longer color retentionWorks with any haircolorGets rid of gray hair and keeps it awayNo Gray™ is an additive that mixes with any permanent or semi permanent haircolor, using a new revolutionary technology that ensures maximum coverage, on eve the most resistant gray hair. Just add to any haircolor mixture and apply as usual.All NaturalEnvironmentally FriendlyPlease RecycleProduct not tested on animals

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