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Ouidad Water Works Shampoo
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After dealing with hard water in my dorm for almost a year and a half, it finally occurred to me that maybe I should try something. I had heard about this shampoo before so I bought it on a whim...and i'm so glad I did because it works AMAZING. Two washes rinsed out months of hard water build-up and my hair went from dull, unmanageable, and sticky-feeling to soft, shiny, and bouncy after one shower. I HIGHLY recommend this product. :)

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Ouidad Water Works Shampoo removes chlorine and hard water mineral build-up. Hard water and chlorine can make curly hair coarse feeling and unmanageable. Ouidad's Water Works Shampoo uses fruit acids to remove chlorine and the build-up left behind by hard water. Botanical extracts and vitamins nourish and condition hair leaving it soft and luxurious. Use each time after swimming in chlorinated water to remove chlorine. To remove the effects of hard water build-up on the hair, use two to three times weekly.

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