Phyto Professional Wet Gel Review

Phyto Professional Wet Gel
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I have tried every single gel and "wet look'" product there is, only to tousle it into my wet hair and look droopy within hours. Then I found Phyto. This gel is clean and provides a soft wet look that looks great all day and into the next. To renew the wet look, if necessary, sprinkle or spray a little water on your hair and comb or tousle with fingers again.

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Phyto Professional Wet Gel gives your style a long-lasting wet look while providing a medium hold. Sculpt a sleep, "out of the shower" style with this medium-hold water infused gel. Phyto Professional's Wet Gel uses acacia collagen in its formula to hydrate and soften hair, while its non-sticky texture keeps hair under. Give your hair a glistening lasting effect all day long, without looking greasy!

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