Reshma Henna Powder, 6.40 -Ounce Box (Pack of 6) Review

Reshma  Henna Powder,  6.40 -Ounce Box  (Pack of 6)
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On this point, I'm not sure what the difference between Body Art Quality Henna and regular henna for hair. I usually use this brand henna (once a week) on my hair for conditioning.
Sometimes, I use this henna in a mix(1 part conditioner, 1/3-1/2 bag henna with two tablespoons Amla and Maka). I don't usually leave this to sit 24 hours prior. But, it still dyes when I leave it on my hair overnight.
It dyes my gray strands a fiery copper-wire red, and leaves the rest of the color black (without the tint, since henna doesn't usually affect the color of hair that's black. Maybe there's a subtle reddish tint, but I haven't noticed it on my hair, except the gray strands. I don't do the full strength treatments and prefer the henna glosses instead, because the lemon juice and full henna treatments are just too drying for my 4a/b hair.
Over time, my hair strands have thickened tremendously. My curl pattern hasn't loosened that much, and I think that's due to the Amla and Maka, but my hair is a little less frizzy.
This brand is recommended.

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Reshma Henna is one of the most popular hennas in India.

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